Having your own place on the Lake of the Ozarks can be a wonderful way to spend time with your family and friends. However, if can be challenging and frustrating without the right dock. That’s why Ozarks Barge & Dock has been delivering the best quality, workmanship, and design on the Lake fo the Ozarks. Our docks are designed to provide you with low maintenance and durability to last through years of fun and recreation! We also provide outstanding commercial docks and breakwaters, so, even in rough water you can enjoy the lake like it should be! We use only the highest quality materials, the best steel and the best decking material. Our skilled employees and top quality material will assure that you will have the dock of your dreams!



Protect your investments with a trusted quality dock capable in all water conditions.


Open your business to new clients with the best rough water dock systems at The Lake. You deserve top quality for your business.


Kits docks container information.

Gene, Gene, the dock machine.

Makes the best dock you've ever seen.

Too big, too small, too heavy, too light.

It's none of these--it's built just right


In the office, you'll find Nina.

Her customer service just couldn't be fine-a.

And that Steve, what a wonderful son.

He makes sure all the electrical is done.


Now our boat will stay very clean.

neat and dry, under its roof of green.

No storage, no trailer, no work to be done.

From now on, it's fun, fun, FUN!



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26 Years of Service - Best Docks, Best Deals!

In 1988 Gene and Nina Gennetten moved from Kansas City to the Lake after being weekenders for four years. They started a boat dock company with rental space in the basement of the Gravois Supermarket on Highway 5. Gene believed that if you built a good, strong dock and stood behind your work, you could make it. The first winter was scary, but in 1989 their son, Steve, moved here to help.


In 1994, they built a new place on P Road. The rougher the Lake became, the greater the demand for stronger docks. They filled that demand. That year they also began building docks for the Missouri Department of Conservation, and went from six to 25 employees. They only service what they sell, but son Mike provides service for any dock.


While working in 2006, Gene passed away. Nina and Steve now run the business and are thankful that Gene taught them well. They say their customers are the best and most have become friends!

Discover the Difference!


















Just as with our docks, our Dock Lockers can be customized to meet any needs. Whether you want it for storage or fun, we can get it done!

Whatever type of ladder you need we can get it. Whether you want a high dive ladder, the simple five-step pull-up, stairs to your sundeck, or a heavy duty gradual-step.

We have different types of decking material available. We have our standard concrete, which is specially mixed to keep cool in the hot summer sun.

For nearly as long as we've been doing business we have been doing business with Poly Lifts. They are one of the best boat lifts that you can purchase, and they have high standards on their quality.

We have different types of decking material available from standard concrete, specially mixed to keep cool in the hot summer sun to a P.V.C material available which has an unmatched 20 year warranty!

Padding is an important way to keep your boat and vising boats safe. They protect both the boat and the dock with minor bumping and rubbing.

Want a place to wash your hands after snacking, fishing, or cleaning your boat or dock? We have sinks that we can put onto your dock!

We offer many colors for your dock roof, from reds, to blues and greens.


Stop by to check out the variety!


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